Welcome to Lean & Green

In an increasingly digital world, a strong online presence is essential. To be honest, at 64 Hamilton place, we are not very cool, we just build cool websites with awesome features. We are not pretentious, we just care about giving you the best web design experience. Find out more

We are a performance driven web design studio with a simple goal – to help your business increase revenue, heighten your brand identity and give you a set of online tools to dominate your particular market. We craft our cutting edge designs mainly for companies and individuals who love the limelight.
You want your business to rock, right? So do we! With our help, your business will do well. And a little of that light will shine on us too. If at this stage you are blubbering with happiness, we’re here with the tissues and a hot cuppa java. And guess what? We also love revamping older websites!
If your current website is unresponsive on smartphones or mobile devices, we can solve this problem for you. Want a website where you can manage and do edits yourself? We can help you there too, using the power of Wordpress. We speak Wordpress and can easily recite the whole Wordpress API action load, in reverse too if we are really showing off.